Monorhyme Poem Challenge: Harry’s Challenges

by Georgia

Poetry challenge: Monorhyme

Harry’s challenge. 


Ah, the poems that we write
When challenged by Harry, our knight
He brings out our words, ever so bright
And we’d go on without ne’er a respite
Throughout the day and into the long night!

Writing a poem’s not like flying a kite,
Our rhythm and rhyme we must get just right,
Ah, I can spend hours as I write and rewrite,
Not getting frustrated, not getting uptight,
As my Muse writes a poem with just the right  bite!

Challenges give us something we can recite,
Making us think of faeries  or maybe  a sprite.
I’m ever so Happy when up comes Harry’s invite!
They stimulate my grey cells,  as we poets unite,
To write in new forms we’ve learnt overnight!


12 Responses to “Monorhyme Poem Challenge: Harry’s Challenges”

  1. Oh my goodness–you ran with it!! WOWZA

  2. Wonderful! Mine was a shortie compared to this!! 😊

  3. Thank you for your kind words, great poem.


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