Summer’s Sun

by Wendy L. Macdonald



Summer’s Sun


The porch of her palace

her haven as she waits

with hair golden

summer’s sun perpetual

no feckless fellow beholden

her heart’s desire

he’ll return ‘fore dark

She waits – dressed

bright as star fire

pure as the wash

drying out back

wind waves the linens

moves her glimmering tresses

as her heart is moved

at sight of her man

and his gentle caresses.




11 Comments to “Summer’s Sun”

  1. Oh I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this!!! (Specially “bright as star fire”)

  2. I commented on this and its disappeared! I wrote a long one too! Oh dear, I will try again later, lunch first! X

  3. Hi Wendy,
    What I tried to say yesterday was how much I loved this poem! You captured a scene that I could immediately visualise. “Pure as the wash drying out back” is a wonderful phrase and analogy. One of my favourite pastimes has always been to hang out washing in a breeze then simply sit and watch it.
    And I can just see some of those “glimmering tresses” being wadted over her face and a slender finger moving it away. Oh youve got me quite carried away! 😊

    • Christine, there is something so earthy and spiritual about linen on a clothesline. Would you believe I wrote my very first poem while I was outside watching my mother hang out laundry (I was about 11)? I have even taken pictures of my children’s baby clothes and quilts hanging out to dry when they were newborns. xo

  4. Yes I totally agree! Something so simple but precious. And I can understand why you took photos of your dhildren’s baby clothes. I used to love hanging out and watching the old type of towelling nappies. 😊

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