Smiling at Death

by journeyintopoetry
Your whole life was wrapped around you
on that day,
propped up on a pillowy white cloud,
a few extra ones, cool, crisp
arranged in a special way,
a privilege for the dying.
How could your tiny fragile frame
have carried so much,
braved storms at sea,
ministered prayers from pulpit.
The swimming lessons you gave me;
you had the patience of Job.
And the turnip faces you carved
for Halloween, they were perfect;
(you would have cringed at pumpkins.)
But then you could do everything in my eyes;
you knew everything too.
I remember you trying to
show me how to use a slide rule;
I still haven’t a clue.
And there,
on a warm day, early May
in a special bed for the dying,
lay all of that,
your whole life in a cradle of time,
and it weighed next to nothing –
except for your smile.
Your smile was stronger than ever,
big enough to carry us all
as it led you, without doubt,
to a place you had always believed in
and where you were sure
we would meet again.
I remember you turned your head toward me.
Is my grandma here yet, you asked
in whispered voice.
Now it was my turn to smile.
I looked into your bright but fading eyes.
Yes dad, I said, I think she is.
And you slipped away,
smiling at death

15 Comments to “Smiling at Death”

  1. Sorry Harry, I tried the read more thing, but couldnt make it work on my iPad, although its probably me!! 😊

  2. Christine, this is beautifully poignant and poetically perfect!

    Blessings ~ Wendy

  3. Heartfelt ~*
    Thank you for the cleansing that my soul is still enduring ~ Linda

  4. Oh gosh, Chris–I felt a rush of tears. How beautiful this scene–and I absolutely love “cradle of time”. Sounds like he was a wonderful dad–what a privilege and blessing for you. Big Hs and Ss–your Caddo

  5. Very beautiful and touching poem.

  6. So beautifully written…life’s passing should always be so wonderful, loved your poem!

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