by mikeb


You sit in your museum
Surrounded by the past
You know the service off by heart
And how long it will last
You’re there to do your duty
Dwelling in the peace
Of knowing that the chance of change
Is almost obsolete.

God looks on with weary heart
His Spirit locked outside
A dying church is creaking on
It’s future on the slide
The aged congregation
Depleted by the year
Will close another house of God
And no one sheds a tear.

2 Comments to “MUSEUM”

  1. sadly I see it happen time and again

  2. Wowza, what a great great poem, Mike. It is heart-breakingly sad, and how much more so for God. I just want to shake people into seeing how GOOD HE IS, how much He has changed my life. God bless you BIG–love, sis Caddo

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