by mikeb


When you’re deep in the mire
And you start to perspire
The devil is laughing at you
You have gone your own way
Now you’re starting to pay
And there doesn’t seem any way through.

You have led your own life
And it’s ended in strife
But you’re too proud to ask for some aid
It can only get worse
As you scream and you curse
You are feeling alone and afraid.

The answer is clear
There is One who is near
And He’s ready to take all the weight
You must swallow your pride
And in Him must confide
Before you leave it too late.

So give up the fight
Relax, be contrite
Ask Jesus back into your world
Let Him sort you out
Rejoice and be stout
Let His future for you be unfurled.

5 Comments to “MIRE”

  1. Mike did you get the email i sent you yesterday.

  2. Great poem–I love it! God bless you BIG–love, sis Caddo

  3. Fantastic. As a veteran sinner I can relate absolutely. God liberated Me from ten years of heroin addiction. I am a new man spiritually and physically restored. I expect GREAT things from You young man. Run some pens out of ink,or wear out some keyboards.

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