Autumn Nonet

by Wendy L. Macdonald



Autumn Nonet


Autumn rains descend on the garden

washing away all summer’s dust

preparing trees for winter

filling roots to the brim

wet winds whip branches

as fall’s first tear

drops from one






14 Comments to “Autumn Nonet”

  1. Gorgeous Wendy! i love the nonet form!! 😊 Xx

  2. Yes me too! Shes a great one for introducing new forms! And when Id tried one and posted it Harry made it into a challenge on here! The different forms such as this help me a lot as Im not a natural where poetry is concerned and I find it very difficult when given a subject or a form to follow as Im just used to letting my thoughts wander.but following a form I think is helping me to develop my writing. I hope so anyway! 😊

    • I agree that these forms are so helpful; in certain moods I am drawn to them. You are definitely a natural at this type of poetry, and I suspect you would be great at making up some of your own new forms.

  3. Thank you Wendy! i have changed a great deal, a few years ago I simply wouldn’t have had the courage to put my words out there. Being dealt a chronic illness seems to have given me courage I didn’t know I had! lifeis too short to hide away,it is to be celebrated whatever is happening; thats how I think these days. 😊 and we never know who we may help with our words too! X

  4. Still waiting on some ABC poems 🙂

  5. Wendy, this is a Fabulous nonet!! And I’m glad you encouraged Chris to invent a new form on her own–she’s very talented, and a smart cookie! She is mining the hardship of illness for Diamonds–and enriching us All–my kind of Gal!!

  6. Caddo you are too lovely to me!

    Hs and Ss

  7. Its wonderful how people make friends on the web, and i’m very happy so many have friends at poets corner.

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