You got me easy, you got me in ABC: ABC Poem

by Lena Bitare

Poetry challenge: ABC Poem.

A heart that loves
Bubbles, and air around
Cluttered no more
Don’t doubt the real score
Everytime you’re here
Flames are everywhere
Gotta let you know
I’m completely in love with you
Just a thought of you makes me smile

Key to my heart, you have it
Love is surely what you breathe
My words wont’ be enough
Not even close to what I become
Oh how I always wanted to be with you
Please don’t ever go away
Quite cliché, but I hope you stay
Railroads take me to where you are
Stars even aligned when we dance
To the moon and back, I’ll take you
Under or over, top or bottom, old or new
Veins of my heart will get broken if you leave
Won’t let you go home alone, take me with you
Xena will break down and cry
You just don’t realize the magic you have
Zip the stitches in my heart that he stabbed

A Poem by: Maria Elena P. Bitare

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