by Venkat

The corridors of time

Drift me afloat

In a thought to chime

Towards a miracle port

A mind on the edge

Between pain and peace

Guided by light on a ledge

Feeling life’s events tease

A cupful to drink

Handful to fill

A Mind to think

Occasional silence to still

As I meander across

Wade by energy of time

Sifting gems from moss

A spiritual journey through grime

I wonder at every crossroad

If I chose a direction

Would life be less of a load?

Of lesser pain and rejection

At every turn I accept a way

To let the divine prevail

Allow myself to go astray

Yet leave a deep trail

At peace I am in a current

Washed by the waves of time

For every path defines a constant

A beauty unparalleled, sublime

© Venkat

2 Comments to “Time”

  1. My fave line is “sifting gems from moss”–spectacular.

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