Whℯn A Man Choosℯs To L♡vℯ (ABC Poem)


A man in love
  Based on any definitions
     Clearly shows
        Dedication, devotion

        Energy fazed
     Feelings are concise
   Going the extra mile
Happiness is the prize

In love forever
  Just to hear her voice
    Keeps his heartbeat rise
      Love and life rejoice

       Meaningful life
    Never had to leave
  One he can’t fight
Peace and clarity give

Questioning chance
  Right time to choose
    So in depth in love
       Trust he never lose

      Undying admiration
    Vying to-get-her
  World melts with emotion
X-country flight for her

Yearning for love
  Zeal he newly found


Photo and Poem by:
©2013, RV Bullos

6 Responses to “Whℯn A Man Choosℯs To L♡vℯ (ABC Poem)”

  1. Lovely poem ArVhee thank you.

  2. A lovely poem and well executed…I hope you don’t mind but in this line, I think there’s a typo which detracts from this lovely verse: Trust he never loose


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