Circle of Life – FWF Prompt

by graypoet

This was written in response to a Free Write Friday prompt from Kellie Elmore I hope you will take time to check out all the posts to her blog at:


We go through life full of changes
Just like the changing of the seasons
The differences are felt at each turn
Knowing, we still look for some reasons.

Oh the Spring of our life as we come forth
With the beginnings of new life to share
Excitement and color are abundantly clear
Looking forward to days without many a care.

The Summer of our life most seem to crave
Long days, so active, full of games and song
Everyone gathering whether family or friend
We cherish the days, they’re never too long.

Fall seems to be something that creeps up on us
Some enjoy those changes, the reds turning to gray
It’s inevitable that life seems to slow and slow down
Those days come upon us, no matter what we say.

Finally we turn to find we’re in the Winter of our life
The days are getting shorter, bringing cold to the bone
We may have fewer family and friends around us now
But it doesn’t mean we have to go through this alone.

Going full circle with the season as we do with our life
The difference is the seasons we know will start anew
For most there is the hope that as we end our own cycle
There can be a renewal to see, a new life for me and you.

7 Responses to “Circle of Life – FWF Prompt”

  1. Beautiful imagery in your poem. I love the seasons!


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