Passing Fair – ABC Poem Challenge

by Morgan

Poetry challenge: ABC Poem.

Passing Fair

Absolute Silence,
Breathless Sigh,
Chaos Soaring
Deep Inside,
Echoes of a
Fracture in Time,
Gabriel’s Horn
Heralding Fine,
Indigo Setting in
Jagged Night,
Kisses Telling More than the

 Message Drifting in
Neptune’s  Hand,
OH the Tranquility of a
Purposeless Plan,
Shadows Drifting,
Timeless Device of the
Universe, Shifting,
Vast and Empty,
Waiting Delay,
Xanadu Tempting
Zero hour Passing Fair.

Betrayed in Your
Calamitous Stare.

(sorry, had to start over a bit, first go, so I know you will Humour me 😉 )

Beautiful Original Artwork:  across_an_ocean_of_stars_by_whisperingcrows

8 Responses to “Passing Fair – ABC Poem Challenge”

  1. lovely…you could have kept going on and created a double ABC poem! Fantastic 😉

  2. I’m truly amazed–each poet who does these ABC poems raises the bar higher. I’m almost ready for a 2nd go.


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