by crissybwell

I want to tell a story,
Something that will sweep across the world,
A tale so full of heartbreak,
It will touch the coldest soul.

I want to move and touch you,
To make you feel everything I do,
That the pain that this world has,
Is only to make us realize we are human.

I don’t need to flash and light show,
Real emotions and feelings will do,
I want to drag you to a deep, dark pit,
Only to find a way to get you back out.

The up and downs of life,
That make you grateful for all you have,
Are what this world and story is about,
It is what we must go through to live.

So come on this story is closing,
Who is it that you really are,
The audience that is reading,
Or the next author in line?

Is this the life you want,
Or are you just reading your tales,
Reading about the life you want to lead,
But you are too afraid to go get it?

Just off the ledge already,
Take a chance and succeed or fail,
No matter what the outcome is,
At least you will have a story to tell.


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