Zealous Heart

by wordypenguin

Poetry challenge: ABC Poem.

An unending dream
Bouquets of flowers
Candlelight delights
Dancing until the midnight hours

Every single day
Face of an angel
Giving more than I could ask
Holding you tight

In those cold long nights
Jumpy and anxious
Knowing you were slipping away
Love was but an hourglass
Moving towards the waterfall

No more kisses would make it stop
One last gaze before it went pop
Please and begging to no avail
Quiet sentence with no bail

Return to me, my love
Stop these tears from falling
Tearing my heart to shreds
Unrelenting phone calling

Vindicated from my grasp
Wanting you forever back
X-marked heart where
You had put your treasure

Zealous heart that imploded

4 Responses to “Zealous Heart”

  1. A beautiful poem Tanveer


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