A Poem is Born

by Harry

Posted for Poemattic

A Haiku
A Sonnet
A Cinquain
whatever its form
whatever its meter
its birth is inevitable
and necessary;
its purpose explicit,
Born to soothe,
and stir powerful thoughts

Born to inspire
or make evident
a single desire.

A poem is born
every second
just to ground us,
acquaint us with
deep inside our souls.
Whether an epic,
idyll or a ghazal,
a rondeau, or a senryu,
whether rhymed or free verse,
Shakespearean or Petrarchan,
when a poem is Born
it is a labor of love.
Someone said that a poem is
a little god;
and one was born for me today.

By Melba Christie

2 Comments to “A Poem is Born”

  1. Reblogged this on Melba Christie at Poemattic and commented:
    I was thinking how powerful a poem could be. We need more poetry. Don’t you think?

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