A Homeless Man

by dianarasmussen

Standing on the corner

holding a cardboard sign

Can you spare a dollar?

it’s cold out tonight

You see for a moment

and then look away

Pretending I’m not here

and go on your way

Clinging to my backpack

it’s all that I have

Lost my hope awhile ago

now I’m just sad

You see me every day

I walk by your house

You look at me

like I never was

I ride the city bus

all day for a buck

lookin’ out the window

I’m down on my luck

There’s a seat next to me

but you turn your head

decide to stand instead

I find food at the shelter

and sometimes a bed

or if not I see

a bridge up ahead

I may not matter

I have nothing to give

This isn’t how

I wanted to live

Just a homeless man

lost on my path

help me move on

out of this place?

Look me in the eye

or are you afraid?

Am I a reflection of

what you’ve made?

Just a homeless man

who you never knew

To God I’m a treasure

He’s promised to renew

A diamond dressed in poverty

a pearl in disguise

Won’t you acknowledge me

And look me in the eyes?

9 Comments to “A Homeless Man”

  1. Thought-provoking.
    We tend to ignore their agony but the ghost of it stays with us. It is sad.

  2. I love the line “a diamond dressed in poverty”.
    We all need to reconsider how those less fortunate feel and how they may have got there.

  3. Thanks for sharing this, for helping us look and see and care. The first time I saw a homeless person , I couldn’t get them out of my mind and heart. And I had to give them something .. the little money that I had. Later, others told me that I shouldn’t give money . ..

    • I’m with you. Yes there are those who choose to stay homeless, but there are others who end up there through a series of circumstances. I’m giving with you – money, lunch, prayers, food, whatever.

  4. “A diamond dressed in poverty” has to be the stand-out line in poetry for the whole year, Diana–well done, BRAVO! I may be compelled to tweak it somehow so I can use it in a poem, too–but you’ll know it.

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