ABC Poem Challenge– “Petite Prayer”

by Caddo

Poetry challenge: ABC Poem. 

Blessing to beg—
Could You? Would You?
Dare I ask for
Even a
Fairly wee one,

Half would do—
I won’t demand more than my due;
Just small, a
Kind of
Little grace, Lord;
Mercy, to see me through this
No good night
Of bleak old thoughts that
Plague and pelt me,
Quite as though
Reserved for
Such a season—soul in mutinous
Treason, tempted to think prayer
Useless unguent,
Vanity. Oh, vexed am I—beset by
Woe…I’ll make my request
X-S, petite, polite.   Gracious Lord—
You, I’ll praise most
Zealously, and humbly offer gratitude.

©Caddo J Veil, 2013

16 Responses to “ABC Poem Challenge– “Petite Prayer””

  1. ha ha – I was born bigger than X-S

  2. Great job done…brilliant the xs! 😀

  3. Hello my fellow beggar may the Lord bless you big!

  4. Absolutely brilliant! How can I possibly follow this?!

    Hs and Ss

  5. Harry–it seems I’m not posting these correctly–do you want me to put “Poetry Challenge:…” at the top of my challenge entries?? It’s in my title, but maybe that’s not sufficient?

  6. What a master piece! No easy thing to go through the entire alphabet in one poem and then have that poem be so spot on. Asking Him to send XXL blessings your way! ❤


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