ABC Poem: Age or Memory?

by Venkat

Poetry challenge: ABC Poem.

Again I have to ask.

By the time I return…

Can I recollect my home address?

Do I need to remember or memorize?

Enter the correct street and door

For heaven’s sake where is the key?

Gosh! Did I lock my house at all?

How do I find now?

I don’t seem to remember

Just left my phone as well

Keys are what I am looking for?

Lost my mind or the key?

My bag seems devoid of it

Now let me see my pocket

Oh! There it is indeed

Poor little memory of mine

Queer as it appears

Recollecting seems hard

Such is the nature of age?

Tired of holding things

Unless my habit speaks

Vague sensation of memory

What more can I fear?

Xenophobic to my own self

Yawning now. Where was I?


12 Responses to “ABC Poem: Age or Memory?”

  1. Remember or memorise
    An intriguing line

  2. Lovely poem, been there a few times 🙂

  3. 5-Star Excellence!!

  4. It was really really very well constructed, and if I may say so, gave me the shivvers, there are days I could have written this very poem! 😉


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