Writing: ABC Poem.

by Harry

Poetry challenge:  ABC Poem.

Again i try to write

blundering along

concentrating hard

demands on me brain

every thought forming lines

forging a poem

heading towards half way

ignoring whats gone past

just lost my pattern

keen to keep going

longing to finish

memory lapse

now i’m going again

onward and upwards

pen to paper

quick as can be

running out of space here

stumped for the next line

tea time while i think

undaunted i carry on

victory is near

weary from writing

xylophone beside me

yankee candle light on the desk

zero more to say.

17 Responses to “Writing: ABC Poem.”

  1. This is perfect in every way!! 😊

  2. FABULOUS! I’m definitely gonna have to try one.

  3. Cute! The last few times I have tried to publish anything it just says “pending approval” and never goes anywhere… ??

    • Just checked your settings are still the same.

      i found one of your poems in pending ( gotta get out ) , meaning you saved it to post another date maybe by mistake, this is the first two lines.
      I gotta get out of this house, outta this town,
      If I don’t run fast I’m afraid I might drown.

      If you want to go in and publish it that means everything works.

      • Must have been something weird that was happening at that time.. back when I tried to publish that, the “publish now” button was missing and it would only late me submit it for review… strange, but now it’s back to the way it used to be! 🙂

  4. enjoyed every line of it. great!

  5. Amazing… Bursts Cleverness!


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