Poetry Challenge: ABC Poem

by Rana

Almost begun.

Beats of the heart

coincide with heel clicks.

Don’t trip.

Exhale lightly.

Follow the chosen path,

gently guided.

How radiant those

illuminated eyes shine.

Jitters smooth out.

Knuckles, bleached with tension,

loosen around bouquet of

mosaic blues and

notably vivid white.

Open a smile, let the

pride cascade across

quartz tiles.

Ready to start the rest of our lives.

Standing before creation, our

triumph is


Vows, the

words of our passion,

exchanged. They echo an eternity, while

you and I share the

zealous, first kiss of love.

8 Responses to “Poetry Challenge: ABC Poem”

  1. Oh my goodness, I’m totally bowled over–this is exquisite; I’m now duly challenged.

  2. Fantastic! You certainly did not get tripped up by the alphabet. This flows so naturally. 🙂


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