Gotta Get Out

by Tiffany Layne

I gotta get out of this house, outta this town,
If I don’t run fast I’m afraid I might drown.
I don’t wanna beg, I’m not gonna plead,
If you don’t come by choice, you’re not the man I need.

I can’t stay here because I’m scared to let you go.
I wasn’t made for this place- you and I both know
This pompous little town is smothering me,
It’s not as far away as I needed to be.

Do you jump in the car or do you watch me go?
Its the answer only you can know,
But I’ve turned the key and I’m not turning back,
Go with me, or be the best memory I have!

I can’t say I won’t miss you, I can’t say I won’t cry,
I can only say if I stay I’d have to tell myself goodbye,
And I can’t give up on the girl I was born to be,
So what do you choose, the memory, or me?

2 Comments to “Gotta Get Out”

  1. That poems been there a long time 🙂 glad it worked, now all you have to do is try to post sometime soon 🙂

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