by Morgan

Haunted woods

Wandering in the Darkest Night
With Shadows and Secrets Sprawling,
Once condemned, now nothing seems Right,
As the Gloom comes Seeking, Clawing.

Faltering Steps in the Misty Murk
Where Silent Voices Cackle and Moan,
Lost in the Underneath, where Demons Lurk
Unchained, but Fettered by Burdens and Groans.

Billowing Wave of Twilight Calls,
Where Spirits Step forth to Walk in Sorrow.
Chained to the Past, Calamity Falls,
Trapped in Obscurity, Waiting on the Morrow.

Amazing Original Artwork by: Unknown. found on Google Image Search


5 Comments to “Obscurity”

  1. Ahhh… so perfect for this dreary night… I hear the moans… beautifully done.

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