by jaybluepoems

Crimson red, my sweet love’s blush,
when to her neck my lips do rush,
set heave to heart beneath the folds
of linen pressed and garment’s hold,
yet sweet seduction mine…

Pensive space between our stare,
when locked in passion’s want and care,
pressed to hesitation’s pose,
till kiss and taste our love expose
surrender, I and thine…

Flurried hands enclasp and press,
search for freedom from this dress,
pulling tight in lip locked fury
within the flame of passion’s hurry,
yet stretch the moments long…

Till so released from garment’s bind,
fingers locked in tender lines,
flesh on flesh, clasp on clasp,
sweetness quaffed in every gasp
till knotted we, as lovers strong…

In timeless keep, suspended souls,
spirits mix in love locked rolls,
our pounding hearts deny the quiet,
while sweet seduction sings in riot
near love’s peak , in union hover…

Our bodies faint, our souls infused
as one, by passion’s love let loose,
and we in heap of flesh and bone,
collapse in kiss and sweet love’s tone,
there melt into each other…
eternal mates, eternal lovers…

written in collaboration with
Poet ~ Morgan~
Morgan’s work can be found at


8 Responses to “Crimson”

  1. Great result here…you work together well!

  2. Look at that 🙂 so cool! Thanks Jay. This finished poem is marvelous 🙂


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