He Brought Me Flowers

by dianarasmussen

You see him smiling
laughing all the time
I know him later
when you’re not around

Behind the smiles are the swear words
he calls me each night
When he turns into a demon
and just wants to fight

But he brought me flowers
does he love me after all?
To make up for the bruises
that happen at night

Broken and battered
although that I am
He brought me flowers
does he love me after all?

So which man
do I believe in today?
The lover by day
or the demon by night?

The hurt and the bruises
he gives just to me
What is it today Lord?
Why does he say that it’s me?

Will the pain ever end?
Will I ever be free?
From the demon I married
before he kills me

~© 2013 Diana Rasmussen~

(P.S. I am fine, this was one of my poems I found in my old journal – I am free! Thank you Jesus!)


5 Comments to “He Brought Me Flowers”

  1. The turmoil of uncertainty is so evident in this piece. I’ve been there, done that. Im sorry!!!

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