by lviswa
tiny tots



In  the  garden  splendid  thrills  awaiting,

fascinating colour, amorous persona,

in  sanctity,  sacred  and   puritan

spotless, open, arrayed teeth-like

sparkling , impeccable, radiant,

no crookedness, smudges, no cracks,

pervading fragrance, alluring form, tiny,cute

drags slowly near, in full bloom,countless

stolen hearts, dons romance,fingers

throbbing to fondle,yearning to breathe

brushing  nose  against  as  kissing

sudden   withdrawal  with  trepidity

scary of hurting the tender,silky

fresh , avid, lucid,  inviting,

illumining darkness,playing cupid

perspiring, garnering  strength,

drawing  closer  gently laying hands

the  flowers  JASMINE  is  cradled

in palms with  great  adulation

(this is a favourite flower of India,extremely fragrant,white and tiny.,used in scents)


2 Comments to “FALLING IN LOVE”

  1. Thank you so much,Morgan.
    Good day!

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