Beggar woman’s Tirade

by Apurva


What are you staring at?

My face or my state?

I’m ashamed of neither,

so carry on, unabated!-click here to read more

I may be a beggar,

but who are you to judge me?

try putting yourself in my place,

& then we’ll see.

Every day is a struggle,

to make both ends meet,

how would you know what it’s like,

to go to bed hungry?

You live in glass houses,

always in fear of someone,

I may beg for food,

at least I’m not answerable to anyone.

Wonder what you look for,

in people like me,

coming here to ridicule us,

make fun of our misery?

Go ahead, amuse yourself,

if that’s what it is all about,

to make you feel better about yourself

and forget your troubles if at all.

If you genuinely pity me,

just pay me and leave,

I don’t have time to share my life,

I’m too busy living it,

you see.

© Apurva


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