No More – I Refuse!

by dianarasmussen

Your love is hating

All controlling



My heart is aching

tired of waiting

You’re smothering

It’s strangulating


No more, No More

I refuse

No more, No more

I refuse


You throw words like swords

piercing my world

screaming the chords

Your blind rage affords

Done crying the blues

no more excuses

You can’t confuse

I have paid my dues


No more, No More

I refuse

I can choose

no more abuse

~©2013 Diana Rasmussen~

15 Comments to “No More – I Refuse!”

  1. Thank you. It took me many years to finally do it. And therapy and prayer too. I had to rewire my brain!

  2. May these poignant words help empower others to remember they also ‘can choose no more abuse.’

    Blessings ~ Wendy

  3. Although I’m out of it, I still hear the voices and words in my head…

  4. powerfully written and touches a cord inside…its so important to be able to finally refuse…good poem glad you wrote it!

  5. Blessings Friend! Bravo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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