A “Happy First Anniversary” Limerick For My Wonderful Wife, The Love Of My Life

by Joel Kravitz

Tomorrow, October 20th, is our first wedding anniversary. Wow, what a year it has been. We started of with a wonderful wedding and a grand honeymoon. For the record, the honeymoon has not and never will end. We are a good match for each other though from the first appearances, we look like a case of “opposites attract.” I am right brain and she is left brain. I am sure that there are many times when she would argue that I am “no brain.”

But “we go to together like rama lama lama ka dinga da dinga dong.” She is Quick Draw McDraw and I am Baba Looey. She does the “theeenin'” around here. I write limericks and walk the dog. We have made some wise choices about investments which have provided us with increased equity and a strong ROI going towards our retirement goals. We are a good team. I am good at kissing her ass and she has a good ass to kiss. Works out well for everybody.

I’ve given marriage a “third times a charm” try,
And I am one very lucky guy.
I’m as eccentric as can be,
But my wife still loves me –
Our love is an affirmation of Chai.


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