Light Up Rural India !

by Darshan Gajara

We all are aware of the saying “Let there be Light”. Yes, as soon as the Sun goes down, there comes the danger of darkness. Light is the basic necessity of each Household. Imagine your Evening and Nights without the Lights. Yeah, I know that one can’t even imagine about this. But there are people in our very own Rural Areas of India, who not only have to imagine but also suffer from this Light Shortage. Their most basic activities at the home can’t be met with the need. In order to fight this obstacle, here is this Initiative “Light Up Rural India”. This is supposed to be achieved by distribution of Solar Lanterns which are eco as well as cost friendly.

Below is some basic information about the whole concept,

About Light Up Rural India and their initiative –

India is a vast country with majority of its population living in rural areas. About 80,000 villages do not have electricity connection. Approx 300,000 villages do not have electricity more than 5-6 hours daily.

How does this affect?

  1. Students cannot study post sunset
  2. Women Running Small Scale Work at home do not get adequate light
  3. A family cannot even have a single meal together
  4. Fear of snakes and other dangerous insects at night
  5. We believe that Solar Lanterns can pull out these rural areas from this deplorable condition and can help them to achieve prosperity and happiness.

They even have a distribution campaign on 26th October 6-8pm at Ravindra Natya Mandir, Dadar, Mumbai.

PS – You can also like them on Facebook and on Twitter.

9 Comments to “Light Up Rural India !”

  1. Darsan, forgive me but that is not a poem.

    Do you want me to move it to my other blog for you.

  2. lighting up every heart as well as enlightening!

  3. Yeah Iviswa, that’s the basic aim of the Initiative.

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