A “Trick Or Treat” Limerick

by Joel Kravitz

It is officially here. Overeating season. It starts with Halloween, moves on to Thanksgiving, after that it is an avalanche rolling down the mountain with Christmas, and New Years until it slams into the Super Bowl. Then clothes don’t fit and it is New Year’s resolution time.

But it begins with buckets of bite size bars. Every grocery store, dollar store and anybody else who thinks they can make a buck pushing Halloween candy has displays out so you can’t get to the real food without going past the goodies. And after Halloween, the prices drop so why not stock up for the rest of football season and the holiday party season. If you can’t resist it at full price, what chance do you have at half price?

Every parent raids their kids candy bags and skims their favorites off the top. It is piracy in the name of parenthood. We must protect the children from themselves and childhood obesity. But who is going to protect the parents. Every other desk at the office has a bowl of candy on it. Oh well, pass the M & M peanut fun size bags, please.

Beginning with trick or treat,
We start craving for everything sweet.
Halloween starts the season
Of ignoring reason
And three months when we non stop eat!


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