This Treasure

by Morgan

This Treasure

This Treasure I know that Delves into the Heart of me,
That Opens my mind to Visions I would otherwise look Beyond,
That Frees my Spirit to Sing in lyrics and phrases, rhyme and meter,
All for Your Merit and Increase,
Satisfies this Thirsting in the depths of me
And Fulfills this Yearning that has ever Driven me.
This Treasure I Return To, day after day,
Whether the sun is Shining Warm and Free
Or rain is tumbling down in Spiraling Cascades that push and penetrate;
That Delivers Exquisite Imagery so even I stand Breathless;
That Wakens me in the darkest hours of night and Spills endlessly by day;
That Captures me as surely as the flame draws Fluttering Wings,
And Places in my Trembling hands such Influence that might draw a Smile or Inspire tears,
Makes every moment, every hour, every day that passes a Privilege;
Makes my every Breath Anticipatory,
Yet not by my own Merit;
For Surely as I do Conjure these very words,
I know with little doubt Without the Tide of Revelation that ever Flows from You,
My Living Source,
And from the Muse,
Which You have Given,
I would be as Mute and Silent as Shadow on a Sunless Day.

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2 Comments to “This Treasure”

  1. It’s like pure light! xo beautiful !

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