ABC Poem : Zero In Life

by Venkat

A way I stammered
Bumbled for right words
Caught often in a conversation
Down with feelings of embarrassment
Ever since I was in the early days of school

Found awkward in movement and speech in groups
Gone into the sands of time and lost in a world my own
How I have gone with these queer memories in my quiet life
I simply cannot comprehend in my present moments as a man of forty
Jittery between family, work, rituals, hobbies and dreams made for purpose
Keeping one’s speech clean is akin to brushing one’s teeth each and every day
Like polishing away the dirt, maintaining one’s viewpoint balanced again and again
Most stammering can result in failure with imbalance in thought, I can show in feeling
Not to mention the search for words during multiple minded contradictions
Out of one’s priorities or habit and dealing with unfamiliar territories
Pounced upon by weaknesses of heart unable to bear with others
Quietly growing weeds of the confusion in one’s mind
Rattling the roots of embarrassment within
Shaken as though a tree losing its fruit
Tied by one’s own slip of tongue
Undone in relationships
Vexed by the results
Wear out of ideas
Xerox of failure
Yearn for love
Zero in life


7 Comments to “ABC Poem : Zero In Life”

  1. Wow, this is so clever! And such a powerful poem too, quite sad.

  2. nicely written and composed verse.

  3. Ah, now this was really a great feat..not only ABC but in shape as well! Great go!

  4. Great poem and beautiful shape.

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