ABC poem: Winter Jacket

by Georgia

ABC Poem

Winter Jacket

Annually I go to the market,
Buying winter garments and such but
Coats are my bane I’m just never happy.
Dowdy things,  I dump them in  spring.
Ever and forever I want a fine coat…
Fluffy and airy and light.
Great gads…

Heavy garments are not for me.
Insistently I search in the shops for
jazzy and light jackets to wear…
Keep your old pea coats
Lodens and trench coats
May they never come near me at all!
Nope, I want a fluffy down Jacket,
Obviously just right for me!
Proud would I be, I’m sure,
Quite dashing, wrapped in a
Red colored down jacket.
Silly I know, my coloring’s all wrong.
Traditionally I should wear just light blue.
Understand me however…
Verily, blue is quite pretty but I’d like to brighten my life.
Wearing bright red, t’would be so welcome!
Xenia! Yes welcome t’would be!
Yearningly I’ll look for a bright red jacket…ah and with
Zigzagged blue stripes!

20 Comments to “ABC poem: Winter Jacket”

  1. nicely done, especially the X

  2. Reblogged this on Bastet and Sekhmet's Library and commented:

    An ABC Poem I wrote for the Poet’s Corner…

  3. I love this–very clever indeed! I may have to give it a go…

  4. Nice one. Very well done with the tough alphabets. Let me try my hand at this 🙂

  5. You are amazing!! this is great!!

  6. This is great! I hope I dont get hooked on these if I try one! I will drive myself more insane than I already am!

    Since my MS diagnosis two years ago I have brought so much colour into my life; I used to be very beige! But I wear red now, something Id never done before. Now I quite fancy he blue stripes running through too! 😊

  7. Lovely poem, i feel a challenge coming on 🙂

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