A Dream desired

by Harry

Posted for Paint the world with words

Life desires to accomplish a blissful dream,
a dream which resides within…

It instills the beauty of the vivacious butterfly,
to splurge the colors of happiness on a smile,dull and dry…

It possesses the waft of the air of optimism,
flushing away the sepulchral seeds of pessimism…

It possesses the feel and warmth of love which stays forever as a beautiful memory,
whose fragrance shrouds the odor of hatred which now becomes a history…

It incorporates the strings of rationalism,
loosening the bond of superstition…

It possesses the arms of understanding and care,
making the ambiance of isolation to tear…

Life indeed wishes to acquire this suave dream,
to eye and feel it to the brim…

~~~ Amreen B. Shaikh

5 Responses to “A Dream desired”

  1. Lots of good phrases.

  2. Such a nice hopeful dream to ponder! You wrote eloquently and wistfully, painting a picture for the reader to grasp this dream. Blessings.

  3. Thanks Caddo and Jeane. It is an old poem I wrote. You can check out more on my blog painttheworldwithwords.wordpress.com

  4. 🙂 i loved it..
    would u please give this newbie poet a feedback on her creation
    thank you


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