Disguised As A Dream

by wordypenguin

That slow burn as we wait
While the darkness bruises the sun
I only feel you with and against me
As the clock begins to run

A million shortcomings haunt me
Not being able to sleep is just one
I’m biting my nails, you’re biting my lip
Wanting to ask you to stay, but I bite my tongue

Grasping your hands
I’m not done saying it
One last, everlasting kiss
Want to get away with it

We’re drifting apart now
The silence is so loud
I can’t help the feeling
Our promises bleeding

Goodbye is imminent, waiting for when
You’re a train, departure waiting to happen
Waving farewell with my fists curled
I’m left alone in the quest against the world

This emptiness fills me
But I still don’t feel free
I am cut, I am broken
Please don’t leave me open

All I wanted was something more
Than what I was really reaching for
But it was worse than it really seemed
This nightmare disguised as a dream


2 Comments to “Disguised As A Dream”

  1. Poignantly powerful! Hauntingly beautiful line…”This nightmare disguised as a dream”…

  2. Oh dear this is painful–so well done!

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