Happy Birthday to Me!

by Caddo

More year
Buried neat
Beneath wisdom’s blooms—
Blue forget-me-nots, tiny jest.
No longer Natalie Wood, but creative bones still
Bend, move with limber poetic verve; ever more youthful spirit than in time swept by.

©Caddo J Veil, 2013

16 Comments to “Happy Birthday to Me!”

  1. cute!! many more Happy returns to your active limbs,nerves &not the least thepoems.

  2. Happy birthday again!! This gorgeous verse speaks to me of the “new” you! And poetic verve is a brilliant description!

    Extra special birthday Hs and Ss xx

  3. God bless you on this and many more birthdays – “limber poetic verve” indeed – and Natalie was a heartthrob of mine

    • Oh I’m so relieved to see you–thought you might be ill or in too much pain to party. My dad kept an 8 by 10 of my Sr High portrait on the ship with him–and all the men who saw it told him I looked exactly like Natalie. Quite a high for an insecure young gal.

  4. Happy birthday my friend and motivational driver…

  5. Great way to celebrate one’s birthday, with a fantastic poem…happy birthday and many happy returns! 🙂

  6. Belated good wishes! I hope you had a wonderful day 😀

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