An inconvenient alliance

by Devina
(© Andre Kohn. Found it here)

(© Andre Kohn. Please click to the see source)

A marriage of necessity, not essentially of convenience

A situation not easily explained over tea

I close my heavy gritty eye lids and I see you

Laugh lines etched onto that handsomely expressive face

Tanned by the warmth of the happiness you exclude

Man, you are certainly a sun, one people unconsciously flock


In the silence disturbed by my breathing, I hear your voice

A rich warm honey flavoured that lovely romantic accent

I do my best to remain unaffected,

We say hi, hello and how do you do

Ciao, bye-bye, I’ll be seeing you!

Politeness on autopilot


I cannot tell of what you feel

We were not supposed to have any of that

Well, at least, that wasn’t a part of the deal

I say nothing but still feel the echo of disbelief

When I found out –

We couldn’t stand each others’ presence

I despised you for reasons I now find trivial

Discovered what my heart was trying say

Beating in erratic Morse Code when you are here


I find it a brick to deal with, inconvenient if you will,

In a marriage of necessity, how can I admit

Without the hindrance of pride

That indeed I’m falling for you

And without the fear that I may hit rock bottom

Of a love that many not be there

© Devina S.

7 Comments to “An inconvenient alliance”

  1. Wow, you can feel the heavy pulse in this.

  2. Most original and twisty. Most enjoyed.

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