Sonnet Royal: Sunday Morn

by Georgia

Sunday Morn

Sonnet Royal

Sunday Morn

I watch from the shore this Sunday morn
As my true love sails for foreign lands
I cry my tears, my waiting grief borne,
Alone, I walk along lonely sands.
Soon returning to my father’s farmlands,
I will milk our cows and watch the sheep
Walking near my true love whilst I sleep.

Sonnet Royal: This form is believed to be of Italian origin, and appears to be formed out of the, form called Ottava Rima. By removing the fifth line, this reduces it to a seven line stanza of three rhymes, arranged with a rhyme scheme of;
a. b. a. b. b. c. c... I’ve added a 9 syllable count.

5 Responses to “Sonnet Royal: Sunday Morn”

  1. I’m certain it is technically brilliant (great explanation of the form Bastet) but I am taken by the emotion carried by the longing in the words.

    • Thanks Beeseeker: I’m happier that you picked up on the emotion. The form in my opinion is a vehicle…I write the explanations sometimes: first of all to have the note on hand while I’m writing and then have something I can go back to at a later date to consult. I’m relatively new at poetry, that is I wrote free verse as a teen like many teenagers do…and have only begun to write it again since March and like to experiment with forms. My favorite poems though are Haiku, Tanka and Choka.

  2. absolutely colossal in feeling and desire ! BEAUTIFUL !


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