by Morgan


You Look at Me

But do not See,

What I keep Veiled,

What I Long to Be.

You Dress me up,

You Lavish your Prose,

Crushing my Virtue

Like a Delicate Rose.

You Drink me in

Like the Finest wine,

Yet never Allow

My Smile to Shine.

You Stare at Me,

Devouring my Soul,

Claiming and Acquiring

Your only goal.

Yet While you gaze

With Desires Forbidden,

My Love Stands Naked,

And Entirely Hidden.



.Amazing Photography found on Pinterest:  Original Artist Unknown

6 Comments to “Hidden”

  1. Marvellous!
    Love the urgent, short line format.
    I was unconsciously reading one line on the in-breath, the next on the out.
    And a simply magical choice of image.
    Is inscrutable the right word?

  2. It has a certain sense of elegance mixed in with despair idk how to better describe it but I really like it.

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