Running Water

by journeyintopoetry

Diamante poem – Poetry Challenge


quiet, gentle

rippling, wandering, meandering

stream flowing gently, rushing fiercely

racing, gushing, frothing

deep, deceiving


7 Responses to “Running Water”

  1. This is brilliant Christine! I LOVE deep deceiving river, and the middle line, flowing gently, rushing fiercely works SO well!!! Hooray!!! Have a great day and I wish you much flow, and less of the rush:-) Hugs, H xxxxx

    • Thank you so much Harula! Now Ive got the hang of fhese I cant stop! They are fascinating and fun to write! And actually they are quite a mindful activity. I know all writing is, but setting out to write something structured requires a hundred per cent attention and that’s what I find these demand so it’s all good! 🙂 an active meditation!

      Love and hugs

  2. VERY good ! Extremely visual ! Feel better dear. Faithfully Debbie


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