Something Missing

by graypoet

At times the mind just won’t stop, so my rambling increases…

From the moment we are born, it’s there
That moment when a touch soothes our mind
While not everyone has the same experience
We all desire a touch: soothing, loving and kind.

As an infant, maybe it is that instinctive cry at night
Each parent has awoken to the need for touch
Maybe the only thing needed was a light pat
But to each little mind, that moment meant much.

For adolescents growing into the person they’ll be
The need to be held, maybe it wasn’t seen as often
Always the scraps and bumps that caused some pain
But when they come with a need, our hearts do soften.

After we blossom and grow to what we think are adults
There is that time when we explore our new desires
Whether slowly or wildly, whether intimately or in mass
Few become hermits, our heart interaction often requires.

For most there comes a time when they find one special
Deciding to travel the same course through their life
For some it is a trial and no committment is really given
A few still have a belief a woman should become a wife.

Some ‘make it’, some find out that it just does not last
Rarely these days do we see those that last fifty years
Because of choices or pressures or even loss of a life
Too many are once more alone, left wanting with tears.

Again it is to be a personal choice as to the next step
Maybe it is solitude that they seek, fearing again to give
For others it seems that they can’t wait to reach out
Yet they are cautious since already set in the way they live.

You read this and wonder what can possibly be the reason
Why my mind has left these words ramble and fall to the page
If you’ve read me before you know that the mind never stops
I can be funny and serious, when thinking, use my blog as my stage.

Suffice it to say that while I have been thoughtful of late
Those that know me realize also that I hold a lot tightly within
Having been one that shared my life for decades with one special
The feeling that something is missing, maybe it is time once again.

2 Comments to “Something Missing”

  1. Beautifully expressed….just beautiful!

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