Planet Eaters

by willowdot21

They came, the planet eaters, they trundled on and on they came upon us quietly so at first we did not notice anything was wrong.

The were tall and they were frightening with a wiry and metal shape, they crept up on us silently and left us wide eyed with mouth agape.

Where once was green meadow is now just dust and sand. Where flowers bloomed and trees grew is left, just barren land.

People stood in horror they could not believe their eyes. Those who stood in their path were killed, onlookers shuddered at their cries.

Soon the animals disappeared none left to be found

no birds in the sky, no fish in the sea nor bug from underground.

Supplies of food and petrol became something to fight for

and without electricity and gas there soon began a war.

Neighbour fort neighbour family betrayed their own

and very soon no where was safe and no where was even home.

The people did not last long a few a few went to the tunnels hoping not to be found

but the planet eaters killed them as they burrowed under ground.

They drained the world completely of every visage of life

nothing left but dust where once all things live were rife.


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