Bleeding Emotion

by willowdot21


Hush! silence please , I can’t think, I can’t cope

My head is melting , I’m loosing it,  loosing hope!

Everyone is a little mental, I do not mean to be detrimental.

But just look at me I am loosing all control

Changing , melding , loosing my soul.

I look in the mirror and see all my colours bleeding

No definition left  of me, my sanity’s receding.

Look at those colours  drooping and melding

There is not much of me left now, even after all that welding.

My canvas is signed  though my imprint is hard to find

No use have I for your platitudes. Though I think you’re very kind.

I still have one eye left  though it can no longer focus

I hold  a flower in my hand not knowing if it be  Rose or lowly Crocus.

Emotions they are all swirling as the moments of my life are pearling

Empty husks of shells they have become, open bleeding, unfurling.

Hardly breathing , silently screaming  I’ve lost them all

I’ve lost my feelings. My fists are flailing against that huge brick wall.

Dripping my feeling are all dripping out of my heart slipping

I crawl along the floor like a discarded slice of bread and dripping.

I was a carefully crafted work of human art

I was, but no longer, I am melting , dripping , slowly falling apart .

7 Comments to “Bleeding Emotion”

  1. What a splendid combination of words and image, couldn’t help but look from one to the other – that’s how engaged I was!

  2. I am so pleased it interested you , @_@

  3. “My feelings are all dripping out of my heart slipping”–I know about that, too well.

  4. It is no fun is it, I hope things are good for you now.xx

  5. this is absolutely beautiful ! Bleeding sweetness !

  6. You’ve shed emotions here so beautifully.

    Peace & Light

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