An Urge to See

by Venkat

In the tussle of life

In trying to be

A nature human, rife

Unlike birds flying free

As I sit back

Write my note down

It isn’t about what I lack

Though I may frown

Moments for me to reflect

On why we crave or cry

Why we kill or neglect

Or nonchalantly live by

In the need of hour

We try to prove

Or wield power

Pain, neither can remove

In the time of trial

We want to gain

With an eye for marginal

Energies we drain

In the struggle

Between gender and age

Multiple worlds we straddle

Yet lose our courage

In trying to force

Our inhuman thought

It hits hard on our toes

Bringing all goodness to a naught

With a past as a thorn

Life’s plant grows to a tree

The mind remains closed as an unborn

With no more an urge to see

© Venkat


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