It Is Not

by Morgan

It is Not,

It does Not,

Calamity upon the sleeve;

Creeping like the Dark of Night

Into the Heart To lurk and cleave.

It has Never,

It will Never,

Trespass set into motion;

Crushing the Majestic Billowing Wave

Of the deepest Bravest Ocean.



Wreaking Havoc on their course;

Vile demons smashing Heaven,

Hand in Hand With Force.

Negativity, Like Poison, Caustic as Infection; Cheats the Heart of all that Shimmers, And Gathers unto it Rejection.


3 Comments to “It Is Not”

  1. Very interesting work, Morgan. I used to be just drowning in negativity–truly it is a poison, caustic that causes withering infection, and cheats the heart of Life and all that shimmers. Nay, I say Nay! I refuse to entertain it anymore.

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