by Caddo

A child of fourteen—
And he was her school teacher;
More, a reprobate.
Not one occurrence, but months—
Betrayed, she ended her life.

Fourteen years, all gone—
He received mere thirty days.
Judge indicted her—
Said she was beyond her years,
Multiplied atrocity.

Hell, receive both men;
Let God never grant pardon—
Vile inequity.
Law so corrupt, courts crumble—
Fall upon, bury victims.

Break the sky with wails,
Grief; gall the rivers running!
It won’t return her;
But, fan the blaze eternal—
Justice, violated, slain.

©Bennetta Faire, 2013

2 Comments to “Violation”

  1. Spoken so well with such feeling! It made me shiver. Xx

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