Chimes of August

by Caddo

Hear the chimes, they ring:
“Listen! Listen to the cries—
A mother, heart-torn;
Anguish-splintered, insulted
By justice a-grieved, forlorn”.

Chimes play no friv’lous
Melody, this summer’s end—
More peal a warning:
Betrayals, death, green-disguised,
Wait not snowed-winter’s cov’ring.

These winds of August
Rattle chimes dissonantly;
Bode ill for victims
Seeking adjudication–
Longed for legal remedy.

Chimes ring no comfort—
Bitter, beats my heart; soul rails
For every child lost—
Wild glorious dreams burnt up
When innocents, devoured, tossed.

Chimes call to prayer—For,
Only God stands straight, to bend:
Strength which offers grace—
Righteousness unmovable,
Yet forgiveness in His hand.

Chimes, return soft song–
Soothe all, by burdens frayed;
Bring back His Presence—
Peace, hope’s expectation, good;
Faith’s certainty, doubt allayed.

© Bennetta Faire, 2013

7 Comments to “Chimes of August”

  1. You’ve brought the embodiment of two very strong emotions from one object.. very well written dear~ Excellent !

  2. So Beautiful! Excellent poem!

  3. Fabulous!! As always you just say it like a flowing river. Love you lots.

    Hs and Ss

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