Love by Email

by Venkat

A story eighteen years old

Images etched in my memory

Unexpressed feelings untold

Words in emails, sensory

Smitten by the first sight

An urge to send an email

In her reply, all seemed right

I drifted in her words to sail

Wary of losing a love tender

I held back my spoken word

Withdrew my passion in front of her

Content by emails as a shy bird

Consumed by a constant thought

Her vision in my eyes

Lonely, dreamy nights I fought

I lost my worldly ties

Nature had other plans

Made my email an obsession

I lost my mind in a trance

Destined to break my vision

Afflicted by a mental illness

I became a derelict in her eyes

A quaint feeling in her nonetheless

I went home and paid the price

I recovered yet remain the same

I live with a memory I cannot unfold

A heart left pulsing with her name

Relieved for leaving my love untold

© Venkat

6 Comments to “Love by Email”

  1. Oh I can totally relate to that… I have an old love from 18 years ago that messaged me on Facebook a few years back. It was the most bittersweet reconnect I’ve ever had!

  2. Willfull forgetfulness isn’t really forgetting, is it! I loved that her name pushes against your heart! Wonderful as always ! Wonderful friend !

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