by wordypenguin

It brings tears to my eyes
To see the world ripping at the seams
While I sit here alone at home
Thinking of all I can in my dreams

As I close my eyes
I think of my innocence
Being drowned in the sea
Of pain and violence

Tears roll down the eyes of corpses
Staining the water with blood red
Torn souls and broken hearts
The courage within torn to shreds

And still I sit here alone at home
Wasting my youth away in fear
No more warmth from friends and family
Just a ringing in my deaf ears

Lying in this ravine, just awaiting
Awaiting silence to submerge the land
Wiping away tears from my face
But just smearing them with black hands

But the shimmering light has yet to fade
Teasing me with its ever rising sun
Signalling a change in the horizon
Signalling a time when this is finally done

And when it finally arrives
It will be here to stay
Wash away the fear
Heal even the smallest pain

Because for every broken heart
Because for everyone fallen apart
This chaos will eventually cease
Eventually, this chaos will give way to peace

This is a reflection of many of today’s occurrences around this tumultuous world of ours where unrest has become the norm of a society willing to accept the misfortunes of others as fortunes of their own. A thought and a prayer for the millions of innocent people caught in the crossfire every day is but a small service for us who live in an environment where our worst worry is whether the dishes are clean. A horizon seems perhaps a fantasy to those affected by the conflicts, but it is our responsibility to try to help out in any way we can, whether it’s a thought, raising awareness, or physically contributing. I hope you all will feel as I do regarding this subject. 


One Comment to “Horizon”

  1. I’m sure many of us can relate to this poem…very nice!

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