Fortune’s Fashion Statement

by Caddo

Wife’s fortune cookie
Predicts she’ll make a name in
The field of fashion.
She strikes a chic, fetching pose–
I muffle laugh with coughing.

Wife’s annoyed with my
Mocking lack of “fortune faith”.
I smile to appease.
Snort–when she quips, “Armani?”
Point out she wears chow mein “bling”.

Hand her my fortune:
You’ll make a change for better–
“Want to trade me in?”
She chortles, kisses me, vows
“Not for mere red carpet fame!”

©Bennetta Faire, 2012

11 Comments to “Fortune’s Fashion Statement”

  1. excellent snapshot Benne! Perfectly written!

  2. Fabulous!! I just love these poems! And I can SO picture the muffled laugh with coughing!

    Hs and Ss xxx

  3. Didn’t get round to reading your email last night! Became too involved in “rubbish” TV!! Got my coffee ready and reading it now. Night night, sleep tight! 🙂

    Hs and Ss xx

  4. Snapshot, drama and poetry: you do it so well!

  5. If I said anything, if be repeating Deborah, this gave me a good chuckle 🙂

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