Whatever View

by graypoet


I climbed the mountain to the top
Thinking that I would get a great view
Gazing out over the amazing countryside
The beauty I saw was still seeing you.

Off to the beach to an ocean overlook
Salty breeze and the sun on my face
Wondrous images danced in my head
Waiting for you, at my side a place.

I drove to the forest for solitude to find
Wildlife of all sorts behind every tree
Beauty of sound and sight I could have
But you weren’t there to share with me.

Quiet thoughts as I sit alone on the porch
Memories and dreams fall together in rhyme
Mixtures of laughter, sorrow, smiles and tears
Brought together, one moment at a time.

4 Comments to “Whatever View”

  1. I can really relate to this one–thanks.

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